How to Prepare for a Child ADHD Test

How to Prepare for a Child ADHD TestDo you have a child who you suspect could be suffering some of the classic symptoms of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, also known as ADHD?  Are you planning, after careful consideration, to make an appointment to have a doctor perform a child ADHD test?  If so, the first thing you’ll need to do take the necessary preparation steps leading up to the appointment.  To help you accomplish this, in this article we will outline some of the basic preparation steps for a child ADHD test, including the tasks you can begin immediately, the questions you may want to ask your child’s doctor and a list of potential questions your doctor may have for you at the appointment.

How to Prepare for a Child ADHD Test:  Tasks You Can Accomplish Now

Although there is no specific test for ADHD, the first step in preparing for a child ADHD test is to compile some important information about your child.  This information is crucial in helping the doctor treat your child in the most effective manner.  Some of these tasks include:

  • Explain Your Child’s Issues.  For doctors to get a clear picture with regard to your child’s condition, they will first need some information.  Sit down and thoughtfully make a list of the difficulties your child is having at home and at school.  This list should be very thorough, so write down even those facts you believe are unrelated to your child’s difficulties.
  • Record Personal Information.  If your child is experiencing any stressors that you can think of, including any major life changes, include those facts in this section.
  • Medications.  Write down any medications your child is currently taking, including any vitamin supplements.

Once this information has been neatly recorded, you are ready to prepare a list of questions to ask the doctor.  Keep in mind that your appointment time may be limited, so list the most pressing questions on top.

How to Prepare for a Child ADHD Test:  Questions to Ask the Doctor

  • Are there alternate conditions besides ADHD that could be causing my child’s symptoms?
  • What are the normal treatment strategies available for ADHD, and which treatment strategy do you recommend for my child?
  • Do you recommend my child see a specialist, such as a counselor or therapist?
  • If we choose the medication approach to treatment, are there any side effects?  And if so, what is the best way to manage these effects?
  • Can you recommend an organization or website through which I can obtain additional information about ADHD, such as a printed brochure and other resources?

How to Prepare for a Child ADHD Test:  What to Expect from the Doctor

Your original appointment to have a child ADHD test will probably be with a pediatrician or your family doctor, who may have additional questions, including:

  • When was the onset of your child’s symptoms?
  • Are there any factors or situations that seem to worsen your child’s condition?  What about factors which seem to improve your child’s condition?
  • What are your child’s sleep patterns currently?  Are they different than they had been in the past?
  • What forms of disciplinary system have you attempted to try and mitigate the problem behavior?  Are there any forms of discipline that seemed to work better than others?

Based on the facts you presented to your family doctor or pediatrician, the doctor may want to refer you to a specialist familiar with ADHD and its treatment.  This specialist could be a developmental-behavioral pediatrician, a psychiatrist or licensed psychologist, who can further answer your questions and suggest a well-rounded treatment approach.