Child ADHD Symptoms - Notice ADHD Symptoms in Child
Is your child showing ADHD symptoms? Notice these symptoms because ADHD problem can spoil your kid's life.

3 Characteristics of a Child with ADHDDo you have concerns that some of the symptoms or behavior your child has been exhibiting could actually reflect the characteristics of a child with ADHD?  There are several signs that could potentially point to the fact that your child is suffering from attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, but since many of these symptoms could also point to something else entirely—conditions such as learning disabilities or psychological disorders—it is always wise to seek a medical diagnosis before jumping to conclusions.  To help you decide if a doctor’s visit is warranted, below we have outlined some of the more common characteristics of a child with ADHD, with a full description of each of them.

5 Early Signs Your Child Has ADHDHas your child recently been exhibiting problem behavior that seems rash, impulsive and inappropriate?  Does he/she frequently show signs of inattention and/or hyperactivity?  If so, it may be the early signs your child has ADHD.  While only a doctor can diagnose ADHD for certain, there are a number of signs and symptoms that may indicate you need to seek professional help for your child.  To help you recognize these daily behaviors, in this article we will outline 5 of the most common symptoms of this disorder—5 early signs your child has ADHD and needs professional help.

5 Causes of ADHD in ChildrenMany parents of children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, better known as ADHD, tend to blame themselves when their children are affected, but the truth is the causes of ADHD are more likely the result of heredity rather than any choices parents may have made.  Nevertheless, although doctors and other medical experts are still relatively unclear regarding the specific causes of ADHD in specific cases, there are some environmental factors that may contribute to the condition or worsen the effects they have on a child.

Can ADHD in Children Be Caused By Heredity?Can ADHD in children be caused by heredity?  As more and more is being learned about ADHD in this country, this is a question that is becoming increasingly popular among parents who are searching for a possible cause for their child’s ADHD symptoms.  However, this question does not have a simple answer, largely because the exact cause of ADHD still remains somewhat of a mystery.  There are, however, many theories regarding the possible cause(s) of ADHD, and one of those theories does propose a strong link between ADHD and heredity.  In this article we will explore this topic in a bit more detail, first by outlining what researchers think are some of the more likely causes of ADHD, followed by some statistics about ADHD and heredity.

Impulsivity: Signs Your Child May Have ADHDAre you concerned that your child’s impulsive speech or actions could be one of the early signs of ADHD in children?  Are you familiar as to exactly what those symptoms and behaviors are according to the diagnostic criteria doctors use in determining the presence of ADHD? The signs of ADHD in children can take many different forms, including hyperactivity and inattention, but perhaps the most problematic symptom of ADHD is impulsivity—a symptom that can often lead to multiple problems at school and at home. 

5 Common Characteristics of ADHD ChildrenHow do parents and teachers determine whether or not a child may be suffering from ADHD? Are there certain characteristics of ADHD children—characteristics that differentiate the symptoms of this disorder from normal childhood behavior?  Perhaps one of the biggest challenges for parents and teachers of children who could potentially be affected by attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is that many characteristics of ADHD in children are also present in unaffected children, albeit to a lesser degree.  This challenge can often cause delays in getting children and their parents the help they need to cope with this disorder and to lessen its effects.  To help shed some light on this topic, in this article we will briefly define ADHD and the three main symptoms associated with it, followed by a list of 5 overt characteristics for each of these three symptoms.