Child ADHD Online Test: 3 Online Sources for ADHD Tests for Children

Child ADHD Online Test: 3 Online Sources for ADHD Tests for ChildrenDoes your child suffer from attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD?   Would a child ADHD online test be a useful tool to help you determine this for certain?  Millions of children in this country have been diagnosed with ADHD, and doctors estimate there are millions more who suffer the condition and will go undiagnosed.  This is unfortunate, as many of the available treatment strategies used in recent years, including both counseling and medication, have proven very effective in controlling childhood ADHD, and are usually able to manage children’s symptoms to the point where they improve their performance in school and their behavior in general.  If you suspect your child could be coping with the effects of ADHD, the following information may prove very useful.  Here we will go over some of the primary symptoms of ADHD, and show you three websites on which you can take a child ADHD online test.

Child ADHD Online Test:  The Symptoms of ADHD

Before we direct you to a few of the child ADHD online test resources—tests which will ask specific questions regarding your child’s condition—let us first take a look at some of the primary signs and symptoms of ADHD.


Do you sometimes feel as if your child is another world when you are trying to get his/her attention?  Inattention is one of the chief symptoms of an ADHD child, but if this is the only system it can often be difficult to detect.  That’s because ADHD does not cause a general inability to pay attention, but rather makes it difficult for a child to pay attention when he/she is uninterested.  For example, some children with ADHD can focus their attention for hours when performing a task they enjoy, but asking them to pay attention to you while they are being disciplined is another matter altogether.


Hyperactivity is a symptom of ADHD that, unlike inattention, is rarely subtle.  In fact, because hyperactivity in children is so noticeable and overt, many people often assume that EVERY child with ADHD must resemble this “Energizer Bunny” model —someone who keeps going, and going, and going.  This is not necessarily true.  According to doctors, unless hyperactivity is the predominant symptom—which it sometimes is not—the child may not appear hyperactive, merely inattentive.  Nevertheless, hyperactivity in children with ADHD can be very difficult to manage.  You may notice that your child has trouble sitting still or fidgets and squirm in his seat.  He or she may talk very fast and excessively, causing problems at school and difficulties in forming friendships among other children.


Impulsivity may be the most challenging symptom of all when it comes to ADHD, and when coupled with inattention, hyperactivity, or both, children with ADHD seem to find trouble very easily.  Impulsivity can be characterized by a number of different actions and behaviors.  For example, the child may blurt out answers at school when not called upon.  He or she may talk or stand up at the inappropriate time, guess at questions instead of trying to solve them or inappropriately intrude on others.  Regardless of the way this impulsivity manifests itself, it usually causes significant problems for ADHD children, both at school and at home.

Child ADHD Online Test:  3 Resources

A child ADHD online test is usually a set of 25-50 questions, asking parents and teachers to answer queries regarding certain behaviors—behaviors that could reflect inattention, hyperactivity, or impulsiveness, and thus the possibility of ADHD.  For example, teachers may be asked questions such as “Does the child regularly disrupt other children while they are trying to perform in-class work?” or “Is he able to focus and stay on task for at least 30 minutes.”  Parents may be asked, “Can he sit through a family movie without getting up multiple times?” or “Does he regular misplace items, including homework, books, toys and shoes?”  Positive answers to multiple questions like this may signify that help is needed.

Below are three websites on which a child ADHD online test can be administered (don’t forget the dot com):

  • Psych Central
  • ADHD Awareness
  • Check ADHD

The questions assembled on these sites are generally devised by ADHD specialists and medical experts, and are designed to help parents and teachers identify the possibility of an ADHD diagnosis.