3 Natural Supplements for ADHD Children

3 Natural Supplements for ADHD ChildrenHas your family doctor or pediatrician recently recommended stimulant or non-stimulant medication for treatment in your ADHD child?  Are you a bit concerned about some of the side effects associated with many of these ADHD medications—side effects that can often lead to many problems in addition to your child’s ADHD symptoms?  If so, you may want to consider some of the natural supplements for ADHD children that are currently available.  To help you get started with your research, in this article we will introduce you to this non-traditional course of treatment and discuss three natural supplements for ADHD children that have proven effective as treatment options in controlling and managing ADHD symptoms.

About Natural Supplements for ADHD Children

As more and more people have begun to turn away from the cost and side effects associated with prescription medication, an increasing number of people are turning instead to alternative and complementary medicine in the treatment of a variety of illnesses and disorders, including ADHD in children.

Natural supplements for ADHD children are very easy to access and are available at most drug and health food stores.  Moreover, natural supplements are generally considered a safe and relatively affordable alternative to prescription ADHD medication, with little or no troublesome side effects or symptoms.  However, this does not mean that every supplement out there is safe simply because it is touted as “all natural.”  Many of these supplements have proven unsafe for certain groups in clinical trials, so parents should always do the required research before turning to natural supplements, and check with a qualified medical professional before using these supplements as a treatment option for their children.

3 Safe and Effective Natural Supplements for ADHD Children

Although any supplement can be potentially dangerous when used incorrectly, the following natural supplements for ADHD children are generally considered safe, and have proven effective for symptom control in a certain percentage of ADHD children:


Several clinical studies indicate that children coping with the effects of ADHD are lacking in, or have lower natural levels of the mineral zinc in their body.  When combined with many of the traditional ADHD treatments, including behavioral and cognitive therapy, zinc supplements have been shown to help with many ADHD symptoms, especially hyperactive and impulsive behavior.  On the other hand, zinc supplements seem to have little or no effect on the symptoms of inattention, another prominent ADHD symptom.

Fish Oil Supplements

Fish oil is also among the natural supplements for ADHD children that seem to be effective in controlling many symptoms.  Fish oil is rich in substances called omega-3 fatty acids, a substance that in many studies proved effective in optimizing brain activity and improving mental skills.  This is very significant, especially for ADHD children who seem to have difficulty in tasks that involve focus, concentration and organization.

St. John’s Wort

St. John’s Wort is a very common herbal supplement that can now be found in almost every drug store and health food outlet.  This supplement seems to have a natural calming effect on the brain, and while studies are still inconclusive about St. John’s Wort’s effectiveness in treating the specific symptoms of ADHD, the supplement is widely used in the treatment of anxiety and depression—two symptoms that can often spring from the effects ADHD has on children.

Natural supplements for ADHD children, especially when they are used in combination with behavioral therapy, cognitive therapy, a proper diet and a consistent discipline plan, can be an ideal option for those parents looking to avoid the troublesome side effects that are often inherent in many of the ADHD stimulant medications.